I have been fascinated by the colourful display of multi-hued pebbles which are displayed in neat piles on either side of MG road, at the junction of Gurgaon- Delhi entry, right next to the bio-diversity park. I decided to stop and enquire about the same. Each vendor had a stock of black and white pebbles, cement tiles, pavers, gravel, glass marbles, etc.

I was quite surprised to hear that these are natural river bed stones which are machine polished with a colour of choice and not that these are dipped in color as I had been suspecting.

So, one can see verdant blues, acid greens, rich oranges, pale yellows, bright pinks and many more in all shapes and sizes. These pebbles are sourced from factories in Gujrat and are sold at about 120-150 a kg (depending upon your negotiation skills).

I especially loved the natural onyx pebbles which seemed to capture light and reflect it back, seeming so translucent.
Pebbles 1

I guess the general populace of Gurgaon has been buying these to pretty their terraces and gardens as these pebbles make for an interesting array of colours. I would love to create colourful squares with these pebbles in the garden as steps by laying these pebbles in a bed of cement and grouting them.

I particularly loved the fine gravel in a rainbow of colours which would look lovely at the bottom of an aquarium or a goldfish bowl.

Another interesting item which these vendors stocked, were 1’ -0” x 1’-0” tiles made out of stone mosaic and pasted on a mesh. This mesh can be pasted over boundary walls and then grouted with cement. These ranged from Rs 100-200 per sft. I particularly loved the tile with pebbles and basket weave.


The cast cement tiles were in lots of patterns and colours and made for excellent options for pavers for driveways and garden paths. These pavers varied from Rs15/- per piece.

Two vendors whose wares caught my fancy were:

Sabir – 9812430700

Saddam Hussain – 8930081510

Shalini Baisiwala

Shalini Baisiwala is a Gurgaon based interior designer with a passion for travel, photography and social media. She specialises in hospitality & retail design, freelances in portraiture, product and interior photo-shoots and designs fun travel trips for the women traveler to interesting destinations in India, complete with food and shopping must-dos. She has a very serious love for Dilwalon ki Dilli and conducts interesting trips in winters for the intrepid shopper, adventurous foodie, amateur photographer and history buffs. She can be contacted at sbaisiwala@gmail.com