Blinking of sleep, every morning we reluctantly get out of our cosy beds to join all the other rats in the rat race of life. Since most of us are not blessed with an office or college uniform, the one question that has us at a loss every single day is- “What to wear?”

From “I don’t have good clothes” to “I have too many clothes”, what we really do is pull everything out of the closet, mix and match whatever suits our mood for the day, and as we quickly glance at the racing time, we push all the clutter back into the closet. This makes our battles worse the next morning, but do we learn? The answer would be an emphatic no!

Now that you are paying your last tributes to those summer clothes and swapping those pretty jumpsuits with flannel trousers, it is the perfect time to re-organize your wardrobe. You’ll be amazed at how better you can dress up every single day simply by cleaning and organizing your closet. Here’s what the professionals say:

1. Divide and rule your closet

A thought that you often keep putting away, setting off to clean your entire closet at one go may seem too arduous a task. The author of Clutter – Free & Organized, Mary Pankiewicz’s expert tip is to take it slow. She says, “On a Saturday morning do your shoes, and at other times do your slacks. People have told me that breaking it up into small projects has changed their life.”


2. Think like a group

Bring in some order in your closet by grouping similar things together. Another professional organizer, Geralin Thomas is of the view that organizing things by type like work, function, color (as shown in the image) or occasion is a great way to conquer a messy wardrobe. “Long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts and sleeveless shirts all belong in the shirt section,” she says. “Bottoms such as skirts and pants also get their own section.”


3. Define your seasonal strategies

To keep the matters simple, pack up your seasonal clothes and keep them in places that are both accessible as well as out of sight. Professional organizer Thomas’s tip here is, “wash and dry-clean out-of-season clothes before you put them in storage, because antiperspirant, cologne and makeup residue attracts insects.”


4. Make different piles on the basis of necessity

As per a custom storage expert, Ginny Snook Scott, the best way to clear the mess in your closet is by taking everything out and arranging your things in neat piles. You can have a “Now Pile” for the things that you use often, the “Sometimes Pile” for those things that you use occasionally, the “Seasonal Pile” for the clothes that are seasonal, and the “Never Pile” for those articles that you never use.


5. Donate

Remember the “Never Pile” from the last point? Well, the things from that pile go to those boxes that are labeled “Donate”. As much as you hate to admit it, there are many clothes that you never really wear but you still hold onto. This is the toughest part while cleaning your closet simply because it takes a lot of courage to part with those clothes that still look as new as ever, but you just can’t seem to fit into them any longer.


With the professional tips from these experts, you can have a closet that is not only clean, but well planned too. Just to give a finishing touch, Ann Bingley Gallops suggests, “Before you put your favorite spring things back into the closet, take the opportunity of having empty shelves to replace your shelf paper, vacuum the closet floor, and make the closet fresh and clean.”

Sangeeta Purkayastha

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