The art installations in interiors of the Jabong office by Hanif Kureshi and Rutva Trivedi of Guerrilla Art and Design Pvt Ltd have taken this genre to a new level. Creating marvel out of the obvious, the installations at Jabong office are a treat to the users of the space. Jabong needs no introduction. Hanif and Rutva use the elements of fashion that this multifaceted fashion ecommerce company deals in and creates an environment that speaks for itself.


This mural is made of 3000 custom made lipsticks! Wonder if the ladies stole one each day!


Made of recycled denims! Who could have thought!


Made of rubber slippers, seriously who could have thought!


Mirrors and shades, we hope the ladies are listening!


Embroidery rings!


We do need more space in our heads! So much thought!


Made out of traditional bindis and fabrics, these installations adds that burst of colors in the space

Guerrilla art collective combines every element of Jabong in the space. Installation art balances through that fine curious line between architecture, art and interior design which could partly be a physical experiment, partly of personal experience and partly of a well designed space. These works of installation by Hanif and Rutva manifest the untapped potential of spatial experience obtained by amalgamating function and art, that is not otherwise seen in purely functional or purely artistic works of design.

Pooja Kshatriya

Pooja Kshatriya is an Interior Architect by profession and a stage artist by passion. Trying to strike the right balance of the two. So far so good. Hoping to take it forward. She can be contacted at