The fall is here in all its glory. I know most of us Indians are still catching up with these fall trends. Those of us who live in the northern part of India are still lucky to see this side of nature.

So what is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of fall? The vivid pallet of bright yellows and oranges that nature paints itself in; the sun kissed grass beds with maple leaves and Halloween with the wicked pumpkin.

Basically fall is all about pumpkin and its myriad hues. The color is so warm and cozy that it makes you feel as if there’s fire in the fireplace, even when there is none. Also research suggests that people who choose orange are very self-confident and extrovert. So here we have curated various ways this luscious color can be incorporated in your interiors this season.

1. In Accents

This color is intense and if you don’t have access to lots of natural day light, it can get quite overwhelming. The best way to balance this eye popping color is to use it in accents, be it accent walls (also known as concept walls), accent stripes or in moderation in any other geometry.


2. Lights

A rather different way of infusing the color pumpkin in your interiors is through an interesting light fixture. This would bring warmth to the room even in the winters and is a nifty way to brighten up your ceilings.


3. Outdoors

The weather is just going to get better in the next few months and we all love soaking up the sun while sipping our favorite beverages with our loved ones. What better way to accompany the long conversations than a nicely done up outdoor setting? The color pumpkin adds zest in the form of an outdoor concept wall and it looks super earthy too!


4. Slip in the Colour

So all this looks like too much of work and seems expensive? We can make it really simple! Just change the curtains! Even if that seems too much work, then we suggest that you just add 2-3 exquisite drapes to your already existing neutrals. Even a simple yet intense wall paper can do the trick. See how your spaces instantly pop up with color!


5. Furniture and All Things Movable

Another quick way to throw in a dash of color is by using statement furniture, cushions, even temprory gift boxes would do!


6. Go Traditional this Fall

Who says we need to be all contemporary to seize this color? Yes, Indian interiors are big on the pumpkin hue. The fall can be an apt time to revamp your traditional interiors to usher in the festive season with bright upholstery (re-cycle that mom’s old sari) cushions, rugs, art works, wall and floor carpets. Guess what else looks very close to pumpkin orange? Its Marigold! Use them generously to give a festive look to your spaces.


7. Play with the Colour Scheme

You can team up pumpkin orange with shades of yellow and red to reflect the same bright look. You can also go on the opposite side of the color palate and choose shades of blue to either give a soft or edgy look. If you want to play it safe, don’t you worry! Pumpkin looks equally striking with neutral interiors too.


8. The Entrance.

You want the world to know all the good things that wait inside your joyous home this season. A quirky way of doing it would be to pep up your entrance. Be it the front wall, adorning it with couple of accessories or just repainting the door!


9. Go All Out!

If you want to pack in the punch and go all out, be our guest! You can do up multiple walls, add accessories and let your imagination run wild! Just make sure that your rooms are well lit and have large open spaces to create a balance.


G. Prathyusha

An architect and urban planner by education, a voracious traveler by passion and a travel & lifestyle blogger in transition! She is a wandering soul who loves food and healthy living. Her outlook towards all things creative is to keep it simple yet functional. To see where she is headed next, write to her at