“Bring in the light and the darkness will vanish at once.” – Swami Vivekananda

That time of the year when the chill is like a reminder of the oncoming winter, when the air lazes around in the nostalgia for light, when all you care to think about is fairy lights, presents and desserts, well, Diwali is here. While the markets are blooming with a variety of diyas, lamps, and designer candles, you can’t help but rejoice a little, for the “festival of lights” is one of the most awaited festivals of the year.

A festival that evokes grandeur in every sense of the term, Diwali is all about opulence and mirth. While the moonless night is compensated with strings of fairy lights in every nook and cranny of the Indian cities, almost every Hindu home holds a little “Laxmi Puja” to pray for the family’s prosperity. Beginning with cleaning the house to dressing it up for the festivities, Diwali is the time to join your hands and chant those spells of sheer magic.

Though almost every house glows with diyas and lights on the outside on this day (rather night), what most people tend to overlook is the temple of the house. So, here we go on how to decorate your mandir this Diwali:

1. Torans for the Upholstery of your Mandir

When we say Diwali, Torans and Bandhanwaars become an absolute must. Hanging a toran at the door is often considered to be propitious. What’s even better is to adorning your beautiful temple with it and setting up the quintessential auspicious look to welcome Goddess Laxmi. You can either go for the designer torans and bandhanwaars or you can do it yourself with flower garlands- the choice is yours.


2. Idols of Laxmi and Ganesha:

The heart and soul of the mandir, the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are available in the markets in all sizes. You can choose to place either the clay idols or the metallic ones- just make sure that the material of the idols doesn’t contradict the overall look of your temple. Sprinkle some beautiful flowers around the idols, and rest assured, for all your prayers will be answered!


3. Puja Thali:

A puja thali is an essential part of any puja, and when we’re talking about the Laxmi Puja on the occasion of Diwali- you just cannot choose to keep a low profile! Though there is no right or wrong in choosing your puja thali the way you deem fit yet it is advisable that you complete the look of your temple with a thali that blends in with the décor. Plain silver or steel thali can easily be revamped for this purpose. Simply cover the thali with a chunari that is designed with sequins or lace and there, you have that perfect traditional feel.


4. There ain’t no Diwali without those Diyas:

Almost synonymous to Diwali, diyas form an inseparable part of the festival which is also called “Deepawali”. If I were to let you into a little secret, I must say that lighting up countless diyas is one foolproof way to dress up your beautiful home for the festival of lights. More so, when it comes to your mandir. There are different types of diyas available in the market. You can take your pick from the metallic ones to the beautifully painted clay ones- with diyas, you simply can’t go wrong.


5. Diwali Rangoli:

A highly auspicious decorative idea brimming with creativity: making a rangoli is a tradition that is followed by almost everyone who is celebrating Diwali. While almost every home has a rangoli spread out at the entrance of the house, you can make a smaller and a more traditional rangoli (like a mangal kalash) in the mandir of your home to complete the festive look. Also, don’t forget to add flowers and diyas to the majestic ensemble.


6. Decorative Lanterns

When it comes to choosing the lights with which you’re going to brighten up your home this Diwali, remember not to clutter the exterior of your residence with too many colors. For your mandir, however, you can give those string lights a miss and go for the decorative lanterns that are thronging the markets these days. Add a few lanterns to the décor to cover up for the bare and empty spaces.


While decorating your mandir this Diwali, remember to keep it simple and stylish, because over doing the lights or lanterns or flowers can create a glare that will only obscure rather than illuminate. Light up those diyas, and say hello to celebrating the “festival of lights” without crackers.

Sangeeta Purkayastha

Sangeeta Purkayastha, an editor by profession, has sold her soul to all things creative. Always curious, always exploring and almost always a misfit, she is on a mission to keep the sassy enchantment of reading and writing alive. Get in touch with her on geet0034@gmail.com