At four in the morning
The night’s still young
Laughter resounds
With familiar voices all about
There’s a spark in the air
And the table is set
You can even call that old friend
Just because Diwali is around!

We all want to be perfect hosts every Diwali but somehow it is always left up to people to set the mood.
We spend hours thinking of what groups to mix, whether family will get along with friends and a lot more,
not so exciting thoughts. Then why don’t we let the place create the feel instead? With the right setting, the festive breeze can transform your house into the all night Diwali party destination. So, kick-start the festivities in a revamped living room with all your loved ones.

Here are some effortlessly classic ideas that will make your house the go-to place every Diwali.

1. Fairy Lights & Jars


There is a certain charm that is created when fairy lights are the sole illuminators in a room. Combine it with these easily accessible jars against the wall and your room will have nothing less than a starlit ceiling. Dim the lights and play the right songs; you’re set for the night.

2. Use your Wine Glass as a Card Hanger


“It was supposed to be a cards party”, your best friend slurred. The two things to get the house party going on, on Diwali, a little bit of bubbly to go with king of hearts! Punch a hole in that bluff deck and your glasses will have the best companions. It might
bring you a little luck on table.

3. Diyas & More Diyas


Even the laziest person can pull this off. You’ll be surprised the class that diyas can add to your Diwali party. Find those small places in your living room that could use this traditional touch. If you’re feeling up for a market trip, throw in a few flower petals around to add colour to the room. Light thediyas up just as your friends arrive and have a twinkling night.

4. Paper Lanterns


If you are looking to make an impression on the boss, this can work in your favour. Invite the office crowd over and light up these lanterns. It’s affordable yet elegant. It gives room for you to set the mood. A formal Diwali party, if you add a couch or a carefree Taash party with a nice floor bedding to go with the lanterns.

5. Traditional Festival feel with Duppattas


The décor that you loved so much at the last sangeet you attended… add it to your lawn and the festivity will flow right in. No need to go deep into our pockets, borrow a bunch of duppatas from your girlfriends and drape them on the walls.Fabric can create a vibrant atmosphere with the correct lighting. You could crunch it up, roll it into small knots or just hang it from the door with a few folds.You could even light some candles and make a rangoli if you’re feeling creative. I can feel the magic just describing it.

6. A Light in a Bottle


A get down to businessTaash party décor idea! Take out those old bottles from the store and fill them up with colourful fairy lights. Place them in all the corners with a nice spread of cards. The décor will set the mood and not even get in the way of your table settings. When the stakes are high, you can focus on the game with this effortless décor idea

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