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    Organising your Closet

    Blinking of sleep, every morning we reluctantly get out of our cosy beds to join all the other rats in the rat race of life. Since most of us are not blessed with an office […]
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    DIY: Decorate Your Mandir For Diwali

    “Bring in the light and the darkness will vanish at once.” – Swami Vivekananda That time of the year when the chill is like a reminder of the oncoming winter, when the air lazes around […]
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    Falling for Color- 9 Ways with Pumpkin Orange

    The fall is here in all its glory. I know most of us Indians are still catching up with these fall trends. Those of us who live in the northern part of India are still […]
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Decor Secrets

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    Diwali House Party Decor Ideas

    At four in the morning The night’s still young Laughter resounds With familiar voices all about There’s a spark in the air And the table is set You can even call that old friend Just […]
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    Poster Power

    When we talk about posters, the first visual that we think of are graphics, handmade or printed on a thin paper, hung or stuck on walls and facades either informing or endorsing something. Street Posters […]
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    Turn an unusable space into a feature

    The human experience has always included the creation and appreciation of art. But different types of art are often used in different ways because of the varying feelings they evoke. Sculpture is bold and noticeable. […]
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Delhi Diaries

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    Inside Jabong: A look at its Gurgaon Office

    The art installations in interiors of the Jabong office by Hanif Kureshi and Rutva Trivedi of Guerrilla Art and Design Pvt Ltd have taken this genre to a new level. Creating marvel out of the […]
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    Trash to Cash : Products from the Differently-abled

    “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Unglamorous as it can be, the term trash often has us wrinkling our nose in disgust. Well, call it ignorance if you wish, but what if I told […]
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    Dastkar : Crossing Boundaries

    Dastkar Nature Bazaar presents the third exciting edition of the cross-cultural craft bazaar- CROSSING BOUNDARIES: Craftspeople from Different Countries & Cultures Coming Together! Artisans and craft organizations from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, and […]
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